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Your First Two Weeks of Strength Training: What to Expect-Mark Rippetoe

“After two weeks on an effective strength program, people of normal body composition will display more muscle mass. This will appear as larger muscles above the knees, a change in the appearance of the legs, arms, and shoulders, and more prominent chest muscles. Look closely and you’ll see it. It’s noticeable, even if it’s not dramatic, and it is proof that the previous two weeks have been productive.

You should be sleeping better. Your appetite will have increased, and you should eat more and better food in response. You posture will have improved, probably without your noticing it. Your gait will be more positive, and your physical presentation will be better than before you started. These are all good things, and they happen within the short span of two weeks — six workouts. If you approach the process correctly. Try it and see for yourself.”


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Mark Rippetoe: You Only Need These 6 Things For a World-Class Home Gym

Mark Rippetoe nailed it again with a bunch of useful advices on equipment for home gym.


Currently in my home gym i have a olympic barbell and set of bumper plates enough for doing some additional deadlif training, overhead presses…

Planning on buying some stands so i can do the squat-taking the bar with a limited weight from the floor, pushing it overhead behind the neck and lowering it for the squat is not a fun thing to do, not to mention safety :).
Still, the real gym is close to my house (8 min.walk) so i’ll continue training there 3 times a week and this home setup will do for the days when i don’t have the time to go there or outside the working time of the real gym.


Home gym in the basement of the building. Other neighbours don’t use this room so i use it for few hours a week.



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3 Reasons Why You Need to Lift the Barbell Over Your Head

One more great article from Mark Rippetoe, now on barbell overhead presses.

Read carefully 🙂


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