My bicycles

Scott mountain bike for city cruising

Currently most used is the Scott bicycle that i “borrowed” from my wife for commuting, ride to and from work, groceries, taking and picking up kids in kindergarten and school….doing all the stuff that needs to be done, i do it with this bicycle for the last 10 years.
Although it is a mountain bike, i’ve added the necessary front and rear fender to minimize the dirt on my clothes and in my mouth.
The pedals are Bontrager Big Earl that i found at 50% discount some 4 years ago, after the second set of cheap, normal aluminium pedal fell apart on the way to work.
I have very strong push on the pedals and these are doing the great work and are very reliable, almost maintenance free. The only minus are pins that can hurt your legs if you are not careful during the ride :), especially in the summer with shorts you can earn some really nice skin marks.

Around 3 years ago i removed the front and rear derraileur and since then it is a singlespeed bicycle, with tensioner instead of rear derailleur.
I figured out i don’t need anything else for city commute except one speed, so in front there is 42T and in the back usually 13T-15T, depending what rear cog i can find.
Brakes are old Shimano LX V-brakes from 1998., taken from my Marin Pine Mountain (later on that bike). The brakes are impossible to destroy, they survived more than 10 years of lot of mountain biking on my Marin bike and now working flawlessly on this one with minimum maintenance during the year of riding in all conditions. Some blinking LED lights in front and rear  to be noticed in the traffic, from eBay, or

Van Nicholas Zion-my titanium mountain bike for pure pleasure riding

VN_on the trail_2_1024

Got this bicycle in October 2010. from They have really nice online web shop where you can customize most of the parts before ordering.
VanNicholas company was acquired in 2011. by Accell Group (more on that here Accell Group acquires Van Nicholas) and since then from VanNicholas facebook fan page it seems the company is much less customer-oriented than it used to be which is a shame.
VN Facebook page here

The bicycle is Zion model, size 18″ with 26″ wheels and titanium 3AL/2.5V tubing.
Initially i ordered it with full XT setup, including Shimano XT wheels. Stem, handlebar and seatpost were the only aluminium parts on the bicycle.
In 2013. managed to find some great quality titanium handlebar and seatpost from small russian maker and got them for a really good price.
The titanium stem (120 mm) i found on eBay for 130 $ and it looks like a good quality Ti stem.
Front shock was RockShox Reba 100mm, but few months later i got some good deal on Fox Float 32R so sold the Reba for Fox and till today i am much more happy with this choice.

The bicycle is great for the trails, very comfortable and fast on the singletracks.
In 2010. and 2011. i finished the 180 km MTB marathons on that bike without any physical issues on my side except general fatigue :).

Marin Pine Mountain – my first real mountain bike

This steel MTB i got in March 1998. and it is still in my possesion-or to be more precise, i transfered the user rights 🙂 to my wife so she can enjoy some MTB riding occasionally with me.
Tubing on this steel bicycle is from Tange-Custom tubing. Rear triangle is a quad butted tubing and the rest is tripple butted-really nice steel frame, comfortable and made for long hours in the saddle.


Voodoo Wanga-new bicycle!

Got this complete bike on a sale on Nov 18th 2016 in bike store that is closing and got the 40% discount.
Paid it 345 EUR (or around 367 USD).
It’s a steel bike, as far as i can find via Google, 2007.model, but i don’t mind what year it is-i looked for some steel bike that i could buy for my oldest kid (soon he’ll turn 12).
Size is 19″, current setup is singlespeed, with option to add derraileur if needed. Steel fork, Tom Ritchey saddle post, WTB saddle.


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