“Your First Days in the Gym” – Mark Rippetoe

“Here’s an advanced training secret: each workout is important only because they add up over time to a fitness adaptation. New physical behavior becomes a healthy habit that eventually changes you, and each workout contributes to this change. But they can’t add up if you miss them. You have to realize that you’re working an assignment that is not completed at the end of each trip to the gym — in fact, it’s never “completed.”

When you start training, the process becomes the objective. If the program is structured correctly, you get better over time, and that time is not measured by the length of each workout. You have to think past today and invest in the longer-term. You’ll be happier with your progress if you commit to doing a little more each workout than you did the previous workout. This is an athlete’s approach, and it works every time it’s applied.”

Your First Days in the Gym


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