Bees like elderflower

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016. It was time for 6. or 7. round of “harvest” for elderflower. We like to make a syrup with elderflower so now is the one of last days to collect some more flowers, before they dissapear.

During the day, temperatures are already above 30 C, so i started early in the morning, 6:15. Just in time to reach the woods before the sun starts hitting in the open.
Made 40km of mostly trails, nice singletracks deep in the woods. Enjoyed picking the elderflower that smells so intense these days.

Second or third batch of elderflower i picked in the woods closer to my home, but they were not so fragrant like this from the hill (around 700-800 m above sea level). So i think it has to do with the clean air, different altitude where it grows and gets that wonderful, powerful fragrance.

Like the tea or coffee that is harvested higher in the mountains and is regularly more expensive because of different surrounding, the cleaner air and rain i guess.

This bee made a good company for some 30 seconds. I watched how she jumped over the flower looking for the nectar. Just managed to take a photo while i was holding the flower and then she disapeared, without saying goodbye 🙂


One friendly bee!


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