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Can You Put Your Kids on a Strength Training Program? – Mark Rippetoe

“Kids can safely go to the gym and do the exercises for the sake of having fun. This is in fact the same thing done by most adults who go to the gym, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If the kid views it as play, and the parents have enough sense to let it be play, that’s just fine. Adults who do this are, in my opinion, wasting time that could be spent more productively by actually training, because the deliberate process of getting stronger benefits every other physical parameter, and more effectively accomplishes the purpose of going to the gym.

But kids can’t train, because they can’t recover.

If you try to add weight to a kid’s lifts every time you take him to the gym, he will get injured. He will get mad at you. And he will not get stronger like you can, because he’s a kid. Kids should be allowed to just play, as long as they play safely. That’s what childhood is for, and you only get to be a kid once. There will be plenty of time to train later, but now, let’s have a dirt clod fight, build a fort, and maybe do some squats with dad. As long as it’s fun.”


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