“Why Are You Doing Situps? Here’s The Truth About Your Gut and Your Health”-Mark Rippetoe

Ripp at its best!

“Fat doesn’t just soak down into the muscle because you’re making the muscle warmer by contracting it — the grease in a pan on your stove runs when it heats up, but it doesn’t work this way in your body.

This idiotic idea — that muscles use the fat on top of them, and that exercising a muscle will therefore reduce the fat on top of the muscle — is known as “spot reduction,” and some of the darker corners of the fitness industry still sell the concept. I have to be reminded occasionally that some members of the general public still believe this, because I don’t deal directly with the general public much anymore, and it’s easy to assume that people have gotten better educated about these things. Some apparently haven’t.

The most popular areas that people try to spot reduce are abs and triceps, because these are the areas regarded as most unsightly when fat. Sorry, but it doesn’t work anywhere, at any time, for anybody. When you lose bodyfat, it comes off of everywhere, just the opposite of the order in which it got deposited in the first place. So doing situps doesn’t make your belly fat go away. I have a belly because I eat and drink too much, not because I don’t do situps.

But, I don’t do situps.”




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