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“How to Keep Cyclists Riding Even in the Frigid Snowy Winter”

“The two key lessons learned by Northern European cities.”

Warning! Reading the experience and the way the Scandinavian countries handle the snow to allow cycling in winter, may cause depression to some people whose cities are not worried about anything else other than motorized traffic.

The video in the article is also soooo depressing…. 🙂




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“Strength is Not Specific”

“The current fad in modern strength and conditioning is to make the exercises look like the sport in which you plan to use the strength while performing. This has kept lots of collegiate and professional athletes from performing at a higher level.”

“This is not complicated. Strength is the basis of training for most sports. Strength is force production – the ability to move heavy weights. Practice is the repeated execution of a movement for precision and accuracy. Practice is sport-specific, and strength training is strength-specific. Squats, deadlifts, and presses build strength in the weight room, and practice is best done on the field.”

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“Good Trainers vs. Bad Trainers: How Can You Tell the Difference?”

Hope this text by Mark Rippetoe will help someone make right decision when choosing the right trainer.

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