Russian squat program

Finished 3rd week of total 6 weeks on Russian squat program.
Created it here: site is vast resource on everything related to training, exercise, how to perform the lifts and other exercises.
I know about it for maybe 13-14 years and very often visit it to check on some information.
Design of the site is very “old”, but that’s the way i prefer it-much more than T-nation site ( which is more commercial oriented and filled with lot of ads for “the latest in muscle science, fat burning……”.
Thanks to Firefox browser and “Reader mode” so it removes all the things on the side of the web page and presents just the text 🙂

As for the Russian squat program and it’s effect-i learned it takes a lot of mental strength and discipline to force yourself to do 3x squats a week with various reps and sets at around 80% of your max squat.
Next 3 weeks will be even harder with weights close to 90% of a max squat. For max squat calculation i put the current maximum at 100kg.
I am currently at 77kg of bodyweight, mountain biking and cycling for transport in some medium range.
Therefore i am already “wasting” my muscles and energy on other non-squating activities which prevent me from the greater weights.

But in all those years of training with weights and cycling in parallel, i learned to accept this “lack of strength” and enjoy both activities.
Most important-i am free of any injuries that most people gain during the training period, either in weightlifting or cycling.


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