Cuteness with needles

Few nights ago while cycling home through the city around 9PM, i spotted some strange movement, very close to the busy road.


Walk on by….

This one was closer to me, so i stopped, put down my bike and approached him. The other hedgehog was few meters away and very close to the road, so i didn’t want to scare him.


“Scared and pointy!”

Since i had my cycling gloves, i was curious to pick him up to check him from “below” and his reaction of course was-turn into a ball! 🙂 Cute!

"Are you gonna put me down already?"

“Are you gonna put me down already?”

So i put him down back into the grass and after a half of minute, probably waiting if the air was clear, he or she staggered into the small bush.

Next night, again on the same route, cycling home, 50 meters before the first spot, another hedgehog!

"Oh no! It's that guy on a bicycle,again. Do you have any apples?"

“Oh no! It’s that guy on a bicycle,again. Do you have any apples?”

Sorry, no apples or any other interesting food for you! 😀



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2 responses to “Cuteness with needles

  1. NO WAY!!!!! That is waayyy to cool. What an adorable prickle ball 🙂

    • I didn’t want to disturb him/her longer than a minute or two, but they are one of my favorite animals :). Even one girl on a bicycle stopped when she saw my bike lying beside me, a was kneeling in the grass.She asked me “do you need any help?”, she probably thought i crashed, but then she saw the hedgehog in my hand, just smiled and went. 😀

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