Into the night

A good friend of mine invited me for a mountain bike ride after 3PM-that’s when he’s done with his job at a bicycle shop.
“Bring your lights!”
He decided to take his titanium MTB for the first ride to test it.
At 4:55 PM sun light was fading and we were still going uphill.
We reached the top around 5:20PM and just had a short break for water and snacks.With another layer of warm clothes on, we decided to head home.
The trail that i’ve been riding since my first MTB days (1995.!!!, time flies) is completely different trail in the night. My bike light is a really powerful one, mounted on a helmet. Almost “bilnded” some of the people who were walking down the trail 🙂
The roots and rocks are especially dangerous in these conditions and with a thick layer of yellow leaves…..
So, not to ruin my elbow, knee or anything else, went down with minimal speed, just enjoying the sound of silence around (ok, except the sound of my bicycle occasional clanks :D)
Down we go!



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2 responses to “Into the night

  1. Looks like a great ride. Must be awesome to look out over the city at night, to me that is the only time cities are even remotely pretty, haha!

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