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“Prioritizing Your Health Is Not Selfish”-Ross Enamait

Few things bother me as much as an adult who views exercise as a selfish activity that interferes with their parenting. For example, I recently read a Facebook comment from a mother who stated the following:

“I used to love the gym, but my priorities changed as a parent. I’ll pick time with my son over the gym any day.”

Parents such as the mother quoted above should not feel guilty about prioritizing their health. It is not selfish to take care of yourself. It’s also not selfish to lead by example. Children pay more attention to what you do than what you say. Active parents are much more likely to raise active children. If you want your kids to grow up to become healthy, strong, and vibrant, start by showing them the way. They will remember what you did long after they’ve forgotten what you said.



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Russian squat program

Finished 3rd week of total 6 weeks on Russian squat program.
Created it here: site is vast resource on everything related to training, exercise, how to perform the lifts and other exercises.
I know about it for maybe 13-14 years and very often visit it to check on some information.
Design of the site is very “old”, but that’s the way i prefer it-much more than T-nation site ( which is more commercial oriented and filled with lot of ads for “the latest in muscle science, fat burning……”.
Thanks to Firefox browser and “Reader mode” so it removes all the things on the side of the web page and presents just the text 🙂

As for the Russian squat program and it’s effect-i learned it takes a lot of mental strength and discipline to force yourself to do 3x squats a week with various reps and sets at around 80% of your max squat.
Next 3 weeks will be even harder with weights close to 90% of a max squat. For max squat calculation i put the current maximum at 100kg.
I am currently at 77kg of bodyweight, mountain biking and cycling for transport in some medium range.
Therefore i am already “wasting” my muscles and energy on other non-squating activities which prevent me from the greater weights.

But in all those years of training with weights and cycling in parallel, i learned to accept this “lack of strength” and enjoy both activities.
Most important-i am free of any injuries that most people gain during the training period, either in weightlifting or cycling.

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Cuteness with needles

Few nights ago while cycling home through the city around 9PM, i spotted some strange movement, very close to the busy road.


Walk on by….

This one was closer to me, so i stopped, put down my bike and approached him. The other hedgehog was few meters away and very close to the road, so i didn’t want to scare him.


“Scared and pointy!”

Since i had my cycling gloves, i was curious to pick him up to check him from “below” and his reaction of course was-turn into a ball! 🙂 Cute!

"Are you gonna put me down already?"

“Are you gonna put me down already?”

So i put him down back into the grass and after a half of minute, probably waiting if the air was clear, he or she staggered into the small bush.

Next night, again on the same route, cycling home, 50 meters before the first spot, another hedgehog!

"Oh no! It's that guy on a bicycle,again. Do you have any apples?"

“Oh no! It’s that guy on a bicycle,again. Do you have any apples?”

Sorry, no apples or any other interesting food for you! 😀


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The Italian job VIII

A not so smart thief 😀

“Woodinville Bicycle collects donations for the Village Bicycle Project. We store the donated bikes in front of the shop under the canopy. This particular gentleman decided he should be a recipient. In the end, the police and sheriff were able to apprehend the not-so-smart/coordinated thief.”

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Into the night

A good friend of mine invited me for a mountain bike ride after 3PM-that’s when he’s done with his job at a bicycle shop.
“Bring your lights!”
He decided to take his titanium MTB for the first ride to test it.
At 4:55 PM sun light was fading and we were still going uphill.
We reached the top around 5:20PM and just had a short break for water and snacks.With another layer of warm clothes on, we decided to head home.
The trail that i’ve been riding since my first MTB days (1995.!!!, time flies) is completely different trail in the night. My bike light is a really powerful one, mounted on a helmet. Almost “bilnded” some of the people who were walking down the trail 🙂
The roots and rocks are especially dangerous in these conditions and with a thick layer of yellow leaves…..
So, not to ruin my elbow, knee or anything else, went down with minimal speed, just enjoying the sound of silence around (ok, except the sound of my bicycle occasional clanks :D)
Down we go!


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