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Crashed. On my way to work.

So yesterday, or to be more precise on Sep 1st 2015. around 8:15 i managed to crash on the way to work, on the bike path.
And it was a very solid crash which i can already see that it will take at least 2-3 weeks until i recover at least partially.Here is my recipe for disaster: don’t change the chain when you have to. That way i had already few situations recently where my chain dropped, but it was slow ride and only my hands got dirty from putting back the chain.
This time i was “cruising” at some 20-30 km/h on a bike path, with just a few cyclists. When i approached the curb at that speed, my chain “jumped” or don’t know if this qualifies as “chainsuck” incident. In the second, i was catapulted over the handlebar, flying on the asphalt and then on the grass. At that moment i was 1 meter from a small tree and a road full of cars.
My left leg got the most damage. During the fall i managed to position myself so my gluteus maximus absorbs some of the asphalt 🙂

  • front lower part of the leg-i got 2 deep cuts, i suppose from the pedals
  • my left knee got hit just under the patella and on the inner side so i’m limping today
  • on the outer side of my left knee, i found a nice place for 15x15cm of “road rash” 😀 (road rash explained)
  • my right knee is fine, except on the inner side above the patella i have a few scratches-nothing!
  • during the fly i probably hit the handlebar (or handlebar hit me!) and my left pectoral muscle is painful to some extent. At first i was afraid i fractured or broke some ribs, but there is no such pain for the moment. I still hope it is pain just from the hit to the chest muscle.
  • also, the left foot toe got some damage, while landing on the pavement and now it hurts a bit when i try to squeeze the toe

My city bicycle, this one, suffered some damage as well and i’m currently thinking is it worth spending at least 100$ to make it rideable again.
Front wheel is bent and beyond any repair and hub seems to be broken as well (some cheap wheel and hub, but it was good for few thousand km through the city), the stem got hit somehow and it is not possible to align it any more. And with need to replace the chain and singlespeed sprocket behind, it all sums up well up to 100 $.

I guess it’s time to use my good old Marin Pine Mountain (bought it in 1998.!) again-can’t wait to ride it again, even just for the city commute.
Another note worth mentioning here-if i wasn’t weightlifting all these years in parallel with cycling now i would probably in the hospital with at least broken collar bone and probably some broken ribs.
To have some muscle mass is very precious in such situations, it really absorbs and protects from much more serious damage.

UPDATE Sep 7th:
On Friday 4th before work i went to a clinic to have a short X-ray just to make sure that nothing is broken on my left side of the chest. They made 4 shots and gave me “clear”, there was no bone damage. I still feel a bit pain, although less than before, when i sneeze or laugh, but it seems that the blow to the chest muscle was really powerful.
Another painful area that i discovered by the end of the week is vastus medialis muscle on my left leg. It looks like it got hit so hard that it was completely numb for first 3 days-around friday i started noticing that this area is painful as well.
Still limping a bit to spare my left leg, but today i got to work on a bicycle. No gym training yet until i feel it’s time to return to iron game :).



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