Geax Datura 26″ MTB tires review-part 2

Few months ago, errrm, actually September 2014. -how the time flies!- 🙂 i put the new Geax Datura 26″ MTB tires on my bike.
Here is that post:
After the winter, rain and snow here are some impressions on the tires.

They are heavy.
I am not a weight weenie when it comes to bicycle, but these add some 0.5 kg at least to bike.
On the uphill, snow and mud, the tires bite and bite. The terrain has to be really muddy or with deep snow to stop these tires.
On the downhill also they grip very well-BUT-it takes some time to adjust your cornering capabilities to these tires. The knobs on the tires are very high, in the center and on the side so they tend to lose control if it is some more extreme cornering on mud, gravel or and other surface.
Especially tricky they behave on the asphalt-if it is nice, fresh asphalt, no problem. But if you find some part of the asphalt that is damaged with truck tires or in any other way damaged, the rear end of the bikes feels very unsecure and unstable. Scary!:)
Big plus for these tires are the massive knobs since i had no problems with flats during the time they were on the rims.

Few days ago got the new tires on my bike-Schwalbe Albert 26″x2.25. I’ll write some review later on them.

Geax Datura in their natural habitat.

Geax Datura in their natural habitat. With some elder flowers.


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