It’s Sambucus time!

Finally it’s that time of the year when elder is ready for “harvesting” 🙂

After work 13.5. at 5PM i decided that is the right time to quickly check and pick some elder flowers up on the hill above my town.
Since the daylight is until around 8 PM there was no time to waste.

I put on my running shoes and used my city bike to pedal to the parking below the hill. There i locked my bike and ran/fast walk to the trail where i know there are elder flowers.
Most of them are still unopened, after all this is in higher altitude and in a lot of shades so the flowers appear later than in lower altitude.
I am certain that the flowers in that area are mostly clean from pollution in the city so it’s worth the extra effort.

Before 7PM i was at the trail and searching for the flowers.

Elder flowers at 7 PM. Still looking for new ones.

Elder flowers at 7 PM.
Still looking for new ones at that time.

At 7:30 PM it was time to head home. Stubborn as i am and mostly knowing this area i decided to take the shortcut to the trail that will take me to the parking lot and my bicycle.
Of course, it was the harder way back than i thought, deep in the woods with already limited daylight. I had a battery lamp in my backpack and some 50% battery on my phone.
In case i needed to contact the mountain rescue i was sure i could easily describe to them my location :).

Luckily, i was heading in the right direction after all and got on some marked trail.

Finally, a connection to the trail i was looking for.

Finally, a connection to the trail i was looking for.

Ran downhill to take my bicycle and pedal home. At 8:30PM i was home and flowers were washed a bit and placed into the bowl for soaking next 48 hours.

Ready to dive.

Ready to dive.

26 km made during that trip.

Not to forget that in the morning before work at 5AM i did a training in a gym.
It was Squat day and did some good heavy sets with 100kg weights (heavy for my 77kg bodyweight at least :)).
That didn’t “help” in my uphill search for elder flowers since my back and legs were quite tired.
It’s 15.5. and i am still sore from that day.



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