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Barbell Training as Rehab: Brian Jones’ Story

Story from 2013. that is sooo inspiring and motivating, hope it can reach anyone who needs a sound advice on rehab.

“Brian found Starting Strength by accident, having dropped his iPod between the exercise bikes at the YMCA. Squatting down (below parallel) to pick it up, Brian felt a pop in his ankles, and found out, as many of us have discovered, that squatting makes your legs feel much better. Squatting was good, and deserved some investigation. Searching around the internet led him to the Starting Strength website, and, after posting a question about his injuries, he got a personal phone call from Mark Rippetoe, and began the Starting Strength program.”


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Mark Rippetoe: A Very Simple Mathematical Truth For Successful Strength Training

“Few things could be simpler: use a few exercises that work as much of the body at one time as possible, find out how strong you are now on these exercises, and next time you train, lift a little heavier weight.”


It’s worth reading the comment section as well as Mark Rippetoe is there ready to reply to all questions.


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