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Geax Datura 26″ MTB tire-short review

Got the pair of these Geax Datura tires for unbelievable price-2 tires were for 16 euros total. As far as i see on the web, the manufacturer is no longer offering these tires:

These are 26″x2.20 and are the widest tires for my bike so far.

Geax Datura 2.20

Geax Datura 2.20

Mounted them on saturday evening to have them ready to test ride on sunday, the weather would be finally sunny.

Since we had a lot of rain this summer all the trails that are away from the sun and deeper in the hills are still very muddy and destroyed from heavy rains.
The Geax would do good hopefully on the snow rides as well, hope to check that this winter.

They are heavier than my previous Schwalbe Smart Sam 26″x2.1, don’t know how much though and i don’t really care since grip is more important to me.

Extra grip on the uphill that the tires offer is great, even on the mud, rocks and roots.
They do “slip” a bit on the side of the tire, while trying to ride on the ridge of the trail.
On the way down, they hold superb and on cornering i used some good old caution before i get to know with the handling of new tires.
Knobs are massive and should last some decent time.


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