Remembering the recent mtb ride

Now on a great seaside holiday with all my 3 little kids, just a short note on a ride from June 22nd.
Started at 2:30 PM which is very unusual time for me since i start my rides between 5-6 AM :), this was a good reminder how it feels and looks to ride in the afternoon.Lot of people on trails which is a main difference from my dawn riding.
Made 45 km, shaded trails and nice singletracks.

On the way down from the hill, made a few stops to collect some of the last elderberry flowers (sambucus) for a homemade syrup drink.Around 50 flowers are enough for 9-10 liters of syrup drink.5kg of sugar,some homegrown lemons from the coast and after 48 hours it was ready for bottling.





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