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Song that i almost forgot

And it just feels good to hear it today 🙂


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Barbell training is big medicine

Article by Dr. Sullivan,exploring the interactions between strength training, aging, cell suicide, and survival.

Worth reading and very informative on just 8 pages of this PDF document.

Only if more people read, understand and apply this they would live a much better life.

Rx: Fountain of Youth
For some time now, in the course of my duties as an emergency physician, I’ve had strange thoughts at the bedside of some of my patients. I’ll approach a patient who has come to be treated for chronic
pain, fatigue, elevated blood pressure, shortness of breath, or a blood sugar that’s out of control. I find myself confronted by a very overweight, deconditioned 52 year-old, going on 70, with battered
joints, atrophic muscles, no physiologic reserve, an inability to get off the gurney without groaning and wheezing, and a grim future. When I work them up, I find no medical emergency, just what I have
come to call “diatensionolesity”—type II diabetes, hypertension, a screwed-up blood-lipid profile, and obesity.

And I think to myself: If I could get you under the bar, I could change your life.

Then I give them a lecture about their weight and their smoking, write a prescription for painkillers,blood pressure medicine, diuretics or an oral hypoglycemic, and send them back to their grim future.
These immediate interventions are necessary, but what I really want to do, as a physician and a person,is to alter that future, to help them recover some of their youthful vigor, to reverse the atrophy and degeneration of their sick bodies. I want to make them stronger, or at least show them that it’s possible to be stronger, and how to do it. I want to write a prescription for squats.

I think I have found a fountain of youth, and it flows out of a barbell.

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Activity stats in May2014

Activity stats in May2014

Endomondo May 2014 statistics on cycling, walking, hiking.
Cycling is 90% in these numbers.

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