New glasses

Finally on May28th i picked up my new glasses for cycling (and other outdoor activities).

It was time to replace my aging Nike glasses, now in their 8. year of hard use.

Now, the glasses are the usual sunglasses and the main difference is that i need to have a prescription lenses built in them.

New glasses are Oakley Monster Dog that i bought at for less than half the price of a new ones.

Front view

Front view

They are a bit more robust than my old Nike glasses. Hold well against the head.

Clear lenses are my choice for the most situations, since most of my rides-more than 80%-of the time is offroad, in the woods where i need a clear vision.
For night and cloudy weather, these are very useful as well.

Inside view

Inside view


For the total of 320 USD, these glasses are not cheap, but that’s the price of being without perfect vision :).

They should do the work in the next at least 5 years, unless i break them or some of my kids gets hold of them.


Side view


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