Mark Rippetoe: You Only Need These 6 Things For a World-Class Home Gym

Mark Rippetoe nailed it again with a bunch of useful advices on equipment for home gym.

Currently in my home gym i have a olympic barbell and set of bumper plates enough for doing some additional deadlif training, overhead presses…

Planning on buying some stands so i can do the squat-taking the bar with a limited weight from the floor, pushing it overhead behind the neck and lowering it for the squat is not a fun thing to do, not to mention safety :).
Still, the real gym is close to my house (8 min.walk) so i’ll continue training there 3 times a week and this home setup will do for the days when i don’t have the time to go there or outside the working time of the real gym.


Home gym in the basement of the building. Other neighbours don’t use this room so i use it for few hours a week.




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2 responses to “Mark Rippetoe: You Only Need These 6 Things For a World-Class Home Gym

  1. If you are looking for an economical and easy option for a set of squat stands, you can build your own pretty cheap. I think I did mine for about $50. Totally changed my squat work out. Alternatively, you can squat hack-style, which will allow an increase in weight, but can mess with your technique. Google DIY Squat Stands, or check out my post on my build.

    • Thanks for the advice!
      However, i’ve looked at the DIY squat stands before and still thinking on getting/making one.One problem that i have is that the room i am using in the building is not mine, so if i get more training equipment, other neighbours might start complaining and ask me to stop using that room.
      Then i would have the problem where to store all that equipment :).
      Checked your blog, but i couldn’t find any post on your build-do you have any link?

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