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New glasses

Finally on May28th i picked up my new glasses for cycling (and other outdoor activities).

It was time to replace my aging Nike glasses, now in their 8. year of hard use.

Now, the glasses are the usual sunglasses and the main difference is that i need to have a prescription lenses built in them.

New glasses are Oakley Monster Dog that i bought at for less than half the price of a new ones.

Front view

Front view

They are a bit more robust than my old Nike glasses. Hold well against the head.

Clear lenses are my choice for the most situations, since most of my rides-more than 80%-of the time is offroad, in the woods where i need a clear vision.
For night and cloudy weather, these are very useful as well.

Inside view

Inside view


For the total of 320 USD, these glasses are not cheap, but that’s the price of being without perfect vision :).

They should do the work in the next at least 5 years, unless i break them or some of my kids gets hold of them.


Side view


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Fitness crazed

This raised a question: If all the latest cutting-edge scientific research says that outdated barbell movements have to be updated with core stability tricks and then integrated into super-short high-intensity muscle-confusion routines, how come none of that did much for me, while the same five lifts repeated for a year caused profound structural changes to my body?

The answer, it turns out, is that there are no cutting-edge scientific studies.


Those plans works for the same reason Mr. Rippetoe’s protocol works: The human body is an adaptation machine. If you force it to do something a little harder than it has had to do recently, it will respond — afterward, while you rest — by changing enough to be able to do that new hard task more comfortably next time. This is known as the progressive overload principle. All athletic training involves manipulating that principle through small, steady increases in weight, speed, distance or whatever.

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Mark Rippetoe: You Only Need These 6 Things For a World-Class Home Gym

Mark Rippetoe nailed it again with a bunch of useful advices on equipment for home gym.

Currently in my home gym i have a olympic barbell and set of bumper plates enough for doing some additional deadlif training, overhead presses…

Planning on buying some stands so i can do the squat-taking the bar with a limited weight from the floor, pushing it overhead behind the neck and lowering it for the squat is not a fun thing to do, not to mention safety :).
Still, the real gym is close to my house (8 min.walk) so i’ll continue training there 3 times a week and this home setup will do for the days when i don’t have the time to go there or outside the working time of the real gym.


Home gym in the basement of the building. Other neighbours don’t use this room so i use it for few hours a week.



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And now some nutty chocolate spread…

For those who like Nutella! 🙂

Nutella: How the world went nuts for a hazelnut spread

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My biggest fear


But really,my wife knows the price and current value of my bicycles,just had to share this 🙂

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Think positive (and keep on training)

Guess the Olga and i have the same thinking about the old age 🙂
Very inspiring attitude!

“I think your age is just a number. It’s not your birthday, it’s how you age which makes the difference.

“It’s your attitude to all the things that happen in your life that plays the biggest part.”

But in Olga’s tenth decade she says there’s no stopping her.

“There’s no limit. Who says you are supposed to stop at a certain point?

“I just want to keep on going until I drop. I guess that’s when I’ll have to stop.”

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The problem with “Exercise Science” by Mark Rippetoe

Another great article from Mark Rippetoe.
Recently in some previous article comments he was called out that he’s not too relevant since he lacks the academic background.
I believe this article is partially the result of such comments.

Some of the interesting comments under the article that are worth mentioning:

Mark RippetoeMM-CK: You think I published this in the wrong journal? And you think I lack a nuanced understanding of the need for a study that demonstrates that the longer you rest between sets, the easier it is to lift the weight again? Well, maybe you’re right. After all, I’m just a simple gym owner, with no terminal degree in anything.

Chris Shugart
Something Rip and I discussed when readying this article: One gym I went to had a staff section on a wall with photos and their qualifications. It was meant to brag up the staff, but it was kinda sad. Multiple degrees, advanced degrees, reams of certs… and they’re making about minimum wage as a personal trainer. Maybe the market is saturated so gyms can demand a lot of education. Or maybe these trainers just made bad life decisions. Not sure. But all I could think about was their college debt.


ScipioMark, I’m a Trainer at a corporate facility and though I completely agree with you, largely the problem is that people don’t like to train as intensely as they should. Exercise ‘works’ as long as you force adaptation but 98% are stuck at mediocre strength levels. Also most are involved in aerobics. And lots ‘think’ they weight train, but its with bosu, viper or TRX. Arghhh!!


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