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Short snowy ride 28.1.2014.

Had to do some small grocery shopping after work so as always the bicycle was the only transport.

Up to 10cm of the fresh snow and it was ideal to test new “winter” tires for my city bicycle. Of course winter tires here are just some cheap version of mountain bike 26×1.95 VeeRubber tires that will do the job through the winter just fine.

After the snow and ice, Kenda Kwik and Kenda Kwest 26×1.5 slick and semi slick tires will be again the way to go 🙂



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Appropriate song for today

The song of course started to play in my head this morning, while cycling to work in a medium rain :).


The rain later turned to a snow and it’s still snowing. Weekend temperatures are said to be down to -10 C.

Ideal for testing some new cycling equipment in the hills.

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Deadlift-“One of the Most Underrated Strength Exercises You Can Do”

As coach Mark Rippetoe explained in this text plain and simple, if done correctly:

“The deadlift is a very simple exercise that basically involves picking a barbell up off the ground and setting it back down. It’s a bit more involved than that — most everything is. And despite the fact that some fitness chains have decided to sell memberships by making fun of it, the deadlift is one of the most basic and useful strength exercises in the gym.”

Full article

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Something playing in my head while cycling

And it’s been playing for about a year from now – don’t know if it’s some sign 😀

But definitely helps in pumping the pedals when pedaling through the city 🙂

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January 3, 2014 · 18:35

2013. in numbers for all my activities

At the beginning of 2013. i made a decision to track all my sport activities which included regular walking.

With the help of great application that is available for iOS and Android as well, i have been using for all this.

Now taking into account that there are some inaccuracies,but no more than 10% in these measurements, i must say that the 2013. was very satisfiying.

4797 km done on all these activities.

195213 kcal wasted  in total during the activities.

The only thing missing from these numbers are my weightlifting trainings that i’ve been doing 3 times a week along these aerobic training.


Since i don’t have a car, cycling transport is mostly my only way of getting things done during the day.That includes going to and coming from work-no matter what is the weather (rain,snow,heavy wind,high temp….). Also groceries, delivering things, meeting with the people are also done on the bicycle :).
Mountain biking for the last few years are possible for me only during the weekend and starting very early, sometimes between 5 and 6AM.

Running in 2013. was for the first time with some more serious km, before i was not such a fan of running.

During the spring and summer i did some runs ranging from 5km to 15k, mostly off road running.

Walking with my wife and the kids through the town, getting things done, groceries and it sums up to a nice number :).

In 2014. i’ll try to pass more than 5000km in these activities, hope all goes well.


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