2 mountain bike rides in one report

First ride from December 15th was somewhat cold one.
Started around 7AM and it was around – 2 C,foggy and damp.


This is how it looks in the early morning at 7AM, the road to off road :). No traffic, just the depressive fog.


Still some frost on the trees and branches.

Leftovers from the recent strong winds that hit our city.Hope they will clean this soon (in a year or two :))


The trail is empty! This is one of the beauties of early ride.





Finally, sunny and much warmer.


Very often i stop by at this place to renew my water. It’s great water and cold as ice 🙂


The city is surrounded with fog and clouds. Here at some 800m above the sea level, it all looks much better.


This place should be full of snow, but since it was +8 C – no  skiing! 😀

Some impressions from the second ride from December 22nd.

Although the weather was not so good for any riding-in the city it was foggy, drizzly and i usually don’t have any inspiration for a ride.

I rather stay at home with the wife and kids, but not to lose the weekend of riding, managed to convince myself to prepare the bike and equipment the night before and decided i would start as early as possible on sunday.

So after waking up at 5:30AM, eating the bowl full of oats and some fine muesli mixed together with a whole fat milk i waas almost ready to go.
Put on the usual winter cycling clothes,checked i had everything needed in my backpack. Strong LED headlight on my head, battery full :).
After some 30 minutes through the city, finally got to the start of the trail and the fog was almost gone.
It was already starting to dawn, clear blue sky, the city in the clouds….peace and quiet all around. Just a few hikers along the first part of the trail.
Later i got on to the trail that is very rarely used, but rideable and sometimes walkable :D.

Here are some photographs from this ride.


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