Fallen trees on the trail

Today started the mountain bike ride at 7 AM, some -1 C outside, sunny.

2 or 3 weeks ago there were strong winds in my area and lot of trees were ripped on my mountain where i always ride.

Here are some parts of the trail that are usually rideable.

Stubborn as i am, i jumped over the first few fallen trees and decided i am not coming back.

Just wanted to get to the first part of the trail where i could get out on the road.


It’ll take some time until they clear all these fallen trees.




No hikers this morning, usually and on this weather this trail is packed with hikers, but obviously people don’t want to take any risk :).

It was quite funny jumping over the trees, raising the bicycle over them.


Bicycle posing 😀


Finally, this part of the trail was clear from the trees.


Some ice leftovers!


Place to rest before going home for a cup of black tea! 😀



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