Cycling to and from work on a very windy day

This morning the official meteo web read that the wind was 9m/s, that is around 32 km/h throughout the city and 8 C.

Mild rain.Usual traffic chaos when the rain starts.

Even some trees, roofs and branches were torn.

Never before did i cycle in such strong wind,but all in all it was quite ok. It took just some 10 minutes more than in the usual weather. Back home only 5 minutes more vs the normal weather. Other traffic in the city was in a gridlock.

Chose not to use the rain cover – something like this rain poncho.

In this wind it would transform me to a sailing boat on a bicycle 😀

Used just some light waterproof jacket and 2 light shirts underneath, plain old jeans trousers and old caterpillar shoes.


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