Bicycle commuting

For the last 7 years i’ve been using bicycle as my only way of transport to/from work.

I’m lucky enough that i don’t have to wear a suit and a tie in office, so i have the pleasure of everyday commuting with my bicycle. Every day i take a fresh shirt or t-shirt in my backpack. Jeans trousers are allowed in my office so every few days i exchange them for another pair :). Set of shoes i have in the office so to have clean shoes in office as well.

This photo is from March 25th 2013. and it was a last snow before the spring time.

The bicycle that i use for the city commute is equipped with all necessary parts for safe and clean ride.

  • Set of fenders to keep rain,snow,dirt from my clothes and face
  • All sorts of lights,front and rear, some blinking LED on my wheels
  • Just below the seat tube that black thing is a child seat holder-so i can easily click in the back child seat



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