Kilometres covered in 2013.

According to my current account stats, in 2013. i managed to cover 4063 km until Nov 3rd 2013. 🙂

Breakdown by each activity would be like this:

Cycling,transport=2667 km. (~65 %)

My only way of transport to/from work, groceries, getting things done during the whole year. As well as in previous 6-7 years, but this year decided to keep the exact statistics.

Mountain biking=994 km. (~25%)

Mostly during the weekends, on the local mountain.

Running=93 km

Best year so far. Started running during the 2012.

Walking=288 km

Also the way for getting things done, deliveries, walking with my kids.

Hiking=20 km

Some small hiking on the local mountain, also with the kids 🙂

Hope to reach 5000 km by the end of 2013.

Example of one of my frequent routes with mountain bike.
Start was at 5:52 AM,early ride :), end around 8:30 AM. That way i have the whole day in front of me for all other interests, but most important for my kids.

MTB ride


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November 3, 2013 · 15:22

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