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Bundle of joy

My 3.5 year old daughter after a 15 minute morning bicycle commute to grandmother.
Back seat on the bicycle is still very comfortable for her age :).
She was singing along the way and enjoyed looking around,spotting birds,cats,other people.
Warm clothing and shoes for both of us and we’re happily cruising by the traffic car jam 😀



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Cycling to and from work on a very windy day

This morning the official meteo web read that the wind was 9m/s, that is around 32 km/h throughout the city and 8 C.

Mild rain.Usual traffic chaos when the rain starts.

Even some trees, roofs and branches were torn.

Never before did i cycle in such strong wind,but all in all it was quite ok. It took just some 10 minutes more than in the usual weather. Back home only 5 minutes more vs the normal weather. Other traffic in the city was in a gridlock.

Chose not to use the rain cover – something like this rain poncho.

In this wind it would transform me to a sailing boat on a bicycle 😀

Used just some light waterproof jacket and 2 light shirts underneath, plain old jeans trousers and old caterpillar shoes.

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Saturated Fat Does NOT Promote Heart Disease

Nice article about new findings on nutrition,fats,

For the past 60 years, conventional medical authorities have warned that saturated animal fats cause heart disease and should be severely restricted in a heart-healthy diet.

As of 2010, recommendations from the US Department of Agriculture1 (USDA) call for reducing your saturated fat intake to a mere 10 percent of your total calories or less. This is astounding, considering the fact that many health experts now believe you likely need anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of healthful fats for optimal health!

It’s virtually impossible to estimate how many people have been prematurely killed by the persistent promulgation of this myth, grown from a flawed study published over half a century ago, that has since been soundly debunked by many decades of research subsequently published.

Most recently, an editorial in the British Medical Journal2 titled: From the Heart, Saturated Fat is Not the Major Issue, has garnered much media attention as it sends a contrary message by saying  it’s time to bust the myth that saturated fat consumption causes heart disease.

Heart Specialist, “Saturated Fat, NOT the Cause of Heart Disease” It is This Instead


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::Details from a short mountain bike ride::

Managed to get up at 5:30 AM and after eating and reading to awake my sleepy brain, went out at 6:30.

Still very warm for this time of year: 10 C
At 7:00 first reward was here, first signs of a morning sun.


And another view across the small hill.


Really peaceful and quiet, the best reward for early rising 🙂

After some time of climbing got to the trail, that was only mine, another reward for early birds 😀


Some 25km in total. Enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow some bad weather is coming so it’ll be a good time to relax and gather up some energy for a new work&training week.

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Bicycle commuting

For the last 7 years i’ve been using bicycle as my only way of transport to/from work.

I’m lucky enough that i don’t have to wear a suit and a tie in office, so i have the pleasure of everyday commuting with my bicycle. Every day i take a fresh shirt or t-shirt in my backpack. Jeans trousers are allowed in my office so every few days i exchange them for another pair :). Set of shoes i have in the office so to have clean shoes in office as well.

This photo is from March 25th 2013. and it was a last snow before the spring time.

The bicycle that i use for the city commute is equipped with all necessary parts for safe and clean ride.

  • Set of fenders to keep rain,snow,dirt from my clothes and face
  • All sorts of lights,front and rear, some blinking LED on my wheels
  • Just below the seat tube that black thing is a child seat holder-so i can easily click in the back child seat


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Surly on Antarctic ice

A real adventure, dangerous with a lot of great obstacles along the way.

Mechanical failure on the bicycle is quite possible, with a minimum possibility of fixing anything in such cold conditions.

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November 8, 2013 · 10:57

A bit on the weightlifting

Just recently i decided to change my usual gym routine to the one from this web:


The calculator is based on this training programming:

Jim Wendler-5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System for Raw Strength

Now it’ my second week and feeling pretty fine. Doing 3 training/week, usually Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Main focus on these types of training are 4 main lifts: squat,deadlift,press,bench press.

For most of the people who want to get stronger and feel better, these four lifts, if done properly and correctly, are more than enough.

Oh, and the main book on this and a great starting point for all interested in this way of training:

Starting strength by Mark Rippetoe

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